• Barry van Zyl (Johnny Clegg Band)

    Barry van Zyl is our most recent ambassador for our "Pangas" model. He has a long history as a sought after session drummer and has firmly slotted himself as the "engine room", driving the ever touring Johnny Clegg Collective. Twixt stints of circumnavigating the globe repeatedly, Barry bides his precious time involving himself in various high profile musical endeavours. His natural love for the origins of the music styles that he involves himself in, leads him to immerse himself and commit to all his musical commitments. Barry's acumen for musical diversity keeps him constantly engaged and his willingness to spread the gospel of New Clear Blasts is testament to his belief in the product.

  • Dale Schnettler (Prime Circle)

    Dale is our man behind the ‘pangas’ model. He is a tenacious drummer and has his work cut out for him as the ‘engine room’ of the touring machine that is Prime Circle.

    Dale’s animated and viciously stable drumming regime ensures that the constant and unabated call for more, will continue an unstoppable wave of Prime Circle performances.

    An athletic drummer with no fear of warm explosive sound, Dale is an ambassador we are honoured to have on board and we are thankful advocates of his demeanour and protocol on and off the stage.

  • Ross Campbell

    Ross has been performing with the unpredictable and volatile “Benguela “ for many years. Their improvised sets and experimental approaches allow Ross to mechanise his very own strange ideas as the geographical rhythmatist piloting the map of the trio’s musical ventures. What better tools than “new clear blasts” to fly by and what better ambassador than Mr Campbell himself to bring to actuality the potential of the “powercuts”. As a session artist and calm performer, he also finds his services on request in the pop spheres of South African music. Often recording for artists, he was approached by “new clear blasts” to kindly endorse the “powercut” model. Ross has recorded many albums to date and has is able to perform and record the quieter side of studio requirements. His solid and reliable drumming demeanour brings him regular work and he remains to be an experimental headlight and an exciting and welcome member of the expanding “new clear blasts” crew.

  • Kesivan Naidoo

    Kesivan founded the “Silent Revolution” a while ago and continues to indeed revolutionise various spheres of drumming. He is the perfect candidate for animating the versatilities of “new clear blasts”. We designed the “generators” model to suit Kesivan’s requirements. Somewhere between the breadth of a brush and the sturdiness of a stick, the “generators” create solid low volume generated by spirited playing technique. Their durability support Kesivan’s natural warm vicious approach toward his drumkit(s). He is famed for playing on very low set small jazz kits with at times very unorthodox tuning and otherworldly configurations. Kesivan performs in South Africa as a much sought after session drummer and spends his time nurturing his own collaborations with musicians abroad. His drumming and recordings are extended globally (“Kesivan and the lights”,” Bohemian Beat bag Quartet” and the indefatigable “Babu”). His presence is always appreciated and admired as he remains to be a bright light in any ensemble that he is ever in.