Available Artillery

  • Pangas: R220 - ORDER NOW

    'Slimline'. Dual playing edge. Longer model with a harder outer layer. Brighter response from the cymbals.

  • Generators: R220 - ORDER NOW

    Generators have a heavier brush effect and are very durable, allowing drummers to get a very solid ‘thwack’ with each strike. The ends will eventually splay more radically, due to the nature of brushes.

  • Powercuts: R220 - ORDER NOW

    The end of each dowel is rounded to prevent immediate splitting of the stick. Powercuts fare well in the studio and in quieter playing environments. A detuned snare always brings out the potential of a well aimed strike.

  • Power Edges: R220 ORDER NOW

    These have bevelled edges for the harder hitters. A much “faster” response occurs and constant use will cause slight splaying at the end of the stick. The clasp is set to keep the dowels sturdy.