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A drummer without 'New Clear Blasts'is a drummer disarmed!

The history of “new clear blasts” dates back to 2008. I was playing at the Alba lounge (at the V&A waterfront) 6 nights a week and they requested a very quiet drumming element to accompany a guitarist. As a duo, we needed to create a vibrant but unobtrusive sound. Brushes worked well in the swing pieces, but I needed something a bit heavier for the back beating. The available rods I found lacked any kind of balance design and all felt too light, so I decided to make my own. “New clear blasts” were born from the idea of creating a phantom “top heaviness’ to an ambient tool. Being a drummer designing custom sticks made the process itself quite involved and the materialisation thereof was embraced by all the drummers who tried them out. “New clear blasts” were originally hand made and still are completely hand made with no use of machinery. I had begun making a series of three designs before the orders came from outside sources. I knew the drummers in the region so it was easy to get in contact with them directly. That method put me in constant discussion about the features of the sticks and started a run of custom designs. My sticks were becoming known as reliable and well balanced (perhaps a vicarious medium for my own lifestyle). Simplistic design with strong features and designated use was the basis of “new clear blasts” and I had to improve the range of available products to validate any efforts made. I have kept to the original three designs and although they have progressed and been tweaked, the ideas have remained true to their origins.